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Tips To Prevent Thanksgiving Weight Gain

The holidays are tough! Most Americans gain anywhere from 2-10 pounds over the holidays each year. If you have just started your fitness journey or are working hard towards a weight loss goal, this can be devastating and set you back weeks or even months of hard work!

That being said, I thought I would put together a few tips for you to keep the pounds off this year. Follow these and avoid the holiday weight gain.

1. Find A Turkey Trot- It never hurts to start the day off right with a nice run! Find a Turkey Trot near you and get signed up, just don't think a 5K in the morning means you can eat whatever you want all day!

2. DON'T Skip Breakfast- We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of them day, and that is no different on Thanksgiving. Eat a good breakfast and avoid feeling the need to fill 3 plates of food for lunch and/or dinner.

3. Drink Water- Avoid drinking your calories! This applies everyday but more than ever over the holidays. Stick with water and you avoid drinking on the pounds. Also, staying hydrated can help you feel more full and end up eating less.

4. Use A Smaller Plate- Avoid overflowing your plate and use a smaller one if available. This will help keep portion size down.