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December Member Spotlight: Angelique Lynch

Here at 2 Tone Boxing Club, we have been very blessed to have so many amazing people walk through our doors, and join our extended family. A few months ago, one of those amazing people took their first free boxing class and was immediately hooked! She quickly brought her daughter in and began sharing her experience at 2 Tone with her family. Losing over 15 lbs. in just her first 3 weeks, Angelique knew she was where she needed to be........

Q-How long have you been boxing at 2 Tone?

A-4 months

Q-What made you want to start at 2 Tone, and what keeps you coming back?

A-I missed kickboxing. Love boxing and the stress relief it provides. Weight loss was a major plus but not my only goal

Q-What were some of your fears or concerns when you first started?

A-Pain that would effect my career as a massage therapist

Q-What has been the best experience you have had at 2 Tone Boxing Club?

A-The family atmosphere.

Q-What advice would you give someone who is just starting on their fitness journey, or interested in trying a boxing class for the first time?

A-The first 2-3 weeks are hard because your body has to get adjusted to using muscles you don't usually use but keep going. It all goes away. You gain stamina and will soon be addicted to how great you look and feel.

Q-What changes have you seen in yourself since starting at 2 Tone Boxing Club?

A-I lost 15lbs within 3 weeks and still dropping. My "baby belly" has gone down dramatically. I feel stronger and more confident in myself. I no longer question if I would be able to protect myself if I needed to.

Q-Last but not least, describe 2 Tone Boxing Club in 5 words.

A-Positive energy encouraging positive change

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